Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to firstly look at my blog and secondly to read the about me page (I can't guarantee it will be exciting!)

My name is Taylor and I am 19 years old living in Essex, I currently attend university so I juggle work with my blog.

I have always had an interest in makeup and fashion for as long as I remember therefore in 2012 What Taylor Buys was born! I named my blog What Taylor Buys because most of the time it is just me buying stuff because I have a ridiculous obsession with shopping! Every so often there is a cheeky cooking or baking post too so I like to say that I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger (beauty being my main focus)

I have no idea what else to write.... May I'll come back later or not.... This is awkward.... Erm lemme wrap this up!!

I love finding out new blogs and talking to new people so feel free whenever to contact for me for a chat, lots of love

Taylor x

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