Thursday, 8 June 2017

First Impressions: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Review

After seeing how amazing Tanya Burr looks in her YouTube videos with this foundation on I knew I had to give it a try! The idea of a foundation and concealer merged into one intrigued me, I also liked the look of the "magic wand" applicator.

So I bought the foundation/concealer from Boots for £27 and for once finally had the courage to ask the lady working at the Clinique part to match the foundation to my face (I usually find them very intimidating).

Now I'm not gonna lie.... I am not overall impressed with this product considering the price and the brand. For it claiming to be both a foundation and concealer I was expecting it to be very high coverage but instead it was too light of coverage but felt so heavy and thick on the skin. With it barely covering any of my blemishes it took quite a few layers to get a decent amount of coverage. But with that came some issues too.. I found that blending it was extremely difficult as it appeared streaky on my skin. Alongside having to put 3 or so layers of it on it was becoming a little bit of a nightmare!  I had majorly cakey skin! Additionally, I didn't feel as if the product gave me any sort of glow that I love so much.

I also began to think about the applicator wand that I once was so excited by and started to realise that actually it is so unhygienic especially with blemishes but it is even harder to get the foundation on your brush if you apply the foundation to your hand first. I felt like I couldn't win!

It's just so annoying because I really wanted to love this product considering the amazing reviews I've read on it as part of me was thinking "am I wrong?" "Should I try it again?" I wouldn't say I have any major issues with my skin either apart from some blemishes so I can't figure out if this foundation was not working for my skin type but then I couldn't figure out if its for oily or dry skin. I suppose this foundation just isn't compatible with me...

But I would love to hear your opinions on the foundation/concealer product, especially if you had a positive experience with it or know any tricks I could use!  I have researched that moisturising your face 5 mins before and using a damp beauty blender can help but I will give you an update on that for sure! I really don't like leaving reviews on a negative way so I will keep trying!

Taylor x



  1. I have never tried this before, but you gave a great review. I agree that I would want something with more coverage. My favorite foundation is Marc Jacobs!

    1. Thank you! Oooo I will have to take a look, thanks :)

  2. thanks for sharing this! i'm not really a foundation user as i am a pwder-lipstick kind of girl but i do wanna find a great foundation for when i'm up on stage performing ;)

    xoxo, rae

  3. Great review! You would think because its foundation & concealer in one it would be full coverage! I 100% agree with you on the wand being unhygienic. x


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