Thursday, 1 June 2017

Favourites: May 2017

How the months go so quickly! Today I am back with my May favourites, I thought I'd show you all a range of products rather than solely concentrate on makeup products. 

My first favourite and utter obsession is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera in Blue. My friends and I bought one for another one of my friends birthdays but after seeing her with it I couldn't resist having one myself! I take this camera everywhere! It's so lovely to have physical, traditional pictures than on your phone I sometimes think. It's also such a beautiful way to create memories, I have been pinning the polaroids onto my pinboard at university, its been so nice to have them there when I am feeling homesick. And don't worry about getting the picture wrong etc, it has a little dial which tells you which lighting option to use on the camera and there is also guidance in the box you receive too about how to ensure pictures are in focus. It's just something I've loved using and also people around me love using, as soon as I get it out everyone wants a picture!

I love Lee Stafford products and usually get treating with these products for my birthday. The dry shampoo is amazing! I own way too many dry shampoos, I am obsessed with them so I have very good knowledge about which ones I like and which ones aren't so impressive. I love with this one that it leaves no residue in the hair so you don't have to be sitting there constantly massaging your hair, instead it is instant. It instantly refreshes and 'wakes up' (can I say?) your hair! Plus it smells incredible! The perfect product who if you are like me, extremely lazy with your hair, you will love. 

This product is more of a yearly favourite than a monthly favourite. It is Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I use this product religiously every morning and every evening, even as a base sometimes before apply my base makeup. It's such a lovely creamy, light, hydrating cream and also does not have any strong smell (which sometimes I prefer especially going to bed). 

My cousin bought me this as a present for Easter instead of a chocolate egg which at first I was dissapointed about, I mean who doesn't want chocolate? But this Sun Kissed Vacay body mist from PINK Victoria Secret smells delightful! I literally spray it on me and it smells like I am on holiday, it is beautiful, your holiday in a bottle! It is a very tropical and coconut scent, I personally love it. I love all the scents in Victoria Secret and also Hollister, so if you are looking for a new summer scent then I would definitely pop into them shops!

Now this little beauty of a gadget is something I have been super impressed with! It is the StylPro Makeup Brusher Cleaner and Dryer. I think my mum and dad were sick of seeing brushes on flannels being left everywhere and constantly having to buy me baby shampoo so they bought me this gadget for my birthday. It honestly washes and dries a brush in 15 seconds max! The product works by placing a brush in a spindle like gadget which spins and you place this in the glass bowl provided with the cleanser brush solution. You spin the brush in the solution for 10 seconds and then spin the brush out of the solution for 5 seconds. I didn't believe it to be true but trust me! Every brush afterwards is super clean, fluffy and looks brand new! It is rather expensive for what it is but once again I am super lazy and impatient so this product is great for me as I like to clean my brushes every so often rather than all at once so it isn't too time consuming. 

How beautiful are these palettes! I love both Too Faced products and Kat Von D products so them coming together to make a collab is just a beautiful masterpiece in itself. These two palettes lock together magnetically, so you can either have them together or separate. I find this so convenient because you can take one half out with you. The Too Faced palette is very sweet, cute and pretty whereas the Kat Von D palette is more dark and edgy. It's like Hannah Montana; the best of both worlds. And don't think of them as separate because you can create beautiful looks both separably and in collaboration.  I might do a blogpost on this palette itself so I can go into detail about the texture and longevity of the eyeshadows but my favourites are lovestruck, darling, heart of gold and power couple.

What have been your favourites this month? Comment below and let me know! I love reading and trying out new recommendations.

Taylor x 


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