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Products I Love But Aren't Using? || Shop My Stash

Hey! Today I thought I would do a 'shop my stash' post because I haven't seen one in a while plus i need to stop buying new makeup so this will be good for me. 

First shop my stash is the Cargo Cosmetics Suited to a Tea Cream Eyeshadow Palette (such a cute name!) My auntie bought me this palette a while back and I really liked how the eyeshadows were creamy rather than a powder because it meant that they would last for much longer and be more pigmented. However I think I lost interest because it is realllllly hard to create a smoky eye using cream eyeshadow products. I think I will try to use this product a lot more for school like just a one sweep simple eye look instead. My only concern is now that it is summer will this product work if I'm a sweaty Betty? (cringe)

As it is not autumn and winter anymore I have stopped using vampy lipsticks as much which is annoying because you can still pull them off in the spring and summer so I need to remind myself that I still have this lipstick rather than going for sometimes a 'boring' nude. This lipstick is from Rimmel and is their Moisture Renew Lipstick in Midnight PlumIt is a deep purple that is great of course for a vampy look. This lipstick feels great on as it is extremely moisturising and creamy too and my lips have been so dry recently so this lipstick needs to be used more often.

I love Benefit powder products especially their POREfessional Agent Zero Shine but during the past few months I have gone through a real crazy phase of wanting to go over the top with highlighting and shininess which is so so weird of me. But as I have been getting more and more dramatic with my eye looks I feel as if I need to tone down the highlighting a little which is why this product would be perfect to start using again.

I had always loved these Sleek blushes as they are so unique and interesting, I mean that you couldn't imagine the shades on your cheeks if that makes sense. With these I think that they have just been put in the back of the draw and sort of forgotten. Which is so sad.. It's like Toy Story but with makeup. The shades are Life's A Peach and Flushed.

These eyeshadow sticks from Kiko are amazing, they are so creamy, smooth, soft and so so bendable. So why haven't they been used? I honestly don't know. I am genuinely lost because these are incredible eyeshadow sticks and the shades are absolutely stunning, pigmented and long lasting. These are definitely being put at the front of the makeup storage. Check them out here!

I did love the Benefit Fine One One but I am such a powder product girl so I think this is why I forgot about it.. Plus swiping it was difficult to do (sounds odd) but if you do it too hard then it takes off the rest of your foundation and base. The packaging of the product is stunning though isn't it so I will leave it out on my makeup table to pick up. There are a trio of colours, with soft coral on the left, sheer watermelon in the middle and pink champagne on the right which is blended to give an effortless glow to the skin. 

Using this Bourjois Bronzing Primer is always daunting as it is so dark but I am definitely going to start using it maybe for a primer as well as a natural contour too to buff in. This is a product for a summer which I believe must become a staple for me.

I remember being recommended this product from another blogger and I did really enjoy this as a face illuminator and primer but I think I may have found products with are slightly better than this one and cheaper thus picked them up more often rather than this. But this is such a good product so I should use it instead as I got this a while back and soon it may need to be disposed of. I do love all Revlon products so I will try using it. This Skinlights is in the shade Pink Light.

I only bought this Bourjois Rouge Edition AquaLaque recently and I am so so in love with the nude pink colour but this red although beautiful I haven't found myself drawn to because I haven't been wearing such dark clothes recently.. Maybe because of my weight loss? Summer? I'm not sure!

I love this palette so much so I blame my boring conforming self for why I don't use this product as much as I would like because the colours are so bold and bright and I guess out there that it is so scary. Hopefully this summer I can try to use the different shades as I have been testing/trying out new smoky eye looks. Oh this palette is from Makeup Revolution too so is super cheap so I am very very silly for not using this as much!

Lastly a bronzer, I keep using the Solar Powder from Soap and Glory all the time so products such as the e.l.f Cool Bronzer has been neglected. I really like it because its subtle natural and simple achieving a lovely warmth, colour and glow to the skin.

That is all the products that I love but aren't using, can anyone else relate? If so comment below what products you've been neglecting and why!

Taylor x 


  1. I have that very same Cargo palette and I just cannot get on with it but I don't want to part with it either. It really is just too adorable.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. So many gorgeous items here doll :) I love the colourful packaging that the Kiko eyeshadow sticks come in! x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. I love the sound of the Revlon skin lights, I seen so many people use them and think that the look amazing on! :)


  4. Hello:) Will you follow each other? If yes , please follow me to the pre-GFC and leave a comment. For sure I will come back and follow you. Loves

  5. That moment when you've got so many new products you just forget to use the ones you loved before! I know the feeling ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  6. Nice post

  7. How fun to rediscover goodies as lovely as this! Sleek blushes are some of my favourites- such fun and vibrant shades! xo


  8. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do the versatile blogger award and if you're interested in doing it you can find it over on my blog :) x

  9. Those sleek blushes look amazing! I have so many lip colors that are, too often, neglected in my lip drawer. This post inspires me to dig them out and give them a little TLC. :)

  10. I really need to go through my stash! this is such a good post :)

  11. oh wow the cargo tea eyeshadow palette is so pretty!!! the colors look so rich. :)


  12. Okay i really really like your counter top!


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