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Guest Blogger: Evening Skincare Routine || hattyxo

When Taylor contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a guest post for her, I jumped at the chance! The best part about blogging is getting to network and do things with other bloggers! She asked me to do a post all about either my morning skincare routine, or evening skincare routine and I chose evening . I picked it because if you ask me, there's no better feeling than taking your make up after off you've had it on all day. Well that and taking your bra off the minute you get in the house! So the following is my evening skincare routine. I thought I'd talk you through it step by step.

The first step in my routine is to get all the make up off my face and to do this I use The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil And if I haven't got that in my stash, it'll be the L'Oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil. Both of them are great, but the L'Oreal one is a more budget option. Anyway, I just squirt a couple of pumps of oil into my hands, rub them together and then massage it into my made up face. It quickly and efficiently breaks down all my make up, even mascara and any dirt that's on my face. I then take a warm flannel, wipe my face and the oil breaks down into a milk, taking all the make up and grime with it. I find a cleansing oil is just such a quick way to remove make up and it leaves your skin soft and clean. I then like to go in with a second cleanser, the Eucerin Dermopurifying Cleanser. I use this because I have very oily, spot-prone skin and this just helps keep excess oil and bacteria at bay.
I know a lot of people don't use toners and for some reason, people don't seem to think that they matter in your skincare routine, but they really do! I have two personal favourites that I alternate between. My new found love and favourite toner is La Roche-Posay Serozinc. This stuff is just the best! Especially if you have oily, spotty skin like myself. It just works wonders for my skin, it's helped reduce the amount of oil my skin produces, particularly over night and the zinc sulphate in it helps reduce and heal my spots up really quickly. And my second favourite is the Lush Tea Tree Water. This one is again aimed at oily skin, it does a very similar thing, again helps fight oil and shrink spots.
Moisturisers and Treatments:
I use a combination of things when it comes to treating my skins needs and I've finally found a combination that works perfectly. Firstly are another couple of products from La Roche-Posay. The first is the infamous Effeclar Duo +. This is very much hyped product in the blogosphere and this one deserves its reputation! It really does just do something magical to your skin, especially if you struggle with breakouts and oiliness. It helps reduce and heal angry spots and it also helps prevent dark marks left behind by blemishes. I really love this stuff! The second La Roche-Posay product is the Effaclar K. This is designed specifically to help improve oily skin. It helps to tighten pores and improve skins texture. This has transformed my skin and made it much less oily and a more even in texture. Can you sense a theme here!? Another product that I always make sure I have to hand is the Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum. Now I don't use this on a regular basis, but I do occasionally suffer from sore, dry patches on my cheeks and temples, so when they appear, this comes to the rescue. It quickly hydrates the skin and overnight the dryness is gone. Next up is eye cream, I now realise how important it is and your never too young to start using it! I use the Elemis Fresh Skin Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Cream, what a mouthful! However, it is great stuff. As the name suggest, it helps refresh and depuff the eye area, I use it morning an evening because I love it so much. And lastly are a couple of spot treatments. The first is an oldie but a goodie. I used it all throughout my teenage years and it's still working for me, the Freederm Gel. It works very quickly to reduce redness and inflammation. And my second treatment of choice is the Avon Instant Spot Treatment. This one has salicylic acid in it which helps slough away dead skin cells and unclog the pores.
Face masks:
And to top it all off, I thought I'd include some of my favourite masks. Firstly are a couple from Origins. First is the classic charcoal clay mask, The Origins Clear Improvement Mask. This is amazing and drawing out impurities in the pores and absorbing any excess oil. Next is the Origins Out Of Trouble Mask. This stuff will just save your skin from any issues it's having. It helps reduce spot size, clears the skin and settles everything down. And last but not least, the Lush Mask Of Magnaminty. This stuff is the best. It helps fight breakouts, unclog pores and keep oiliness at bay. It's also so refreshing on the skin.

So that's my evening skincare routine, with my favourite masks thrown in for good measure! It's a routine that really works well for my skin, so if your an oily-skinned gal that's struggling, perhaps give some of the products I've mentioned a go! What's your evening skincare routine? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. I really need to try out that cleansing oil as i've heard some very good things about it lately! x


    1. the cleansing oil is amazing! it does such a good job of removing make up and leaves your skin silky soft! x

  2. I just used the cleansing oil by the Body Shop for the first time and I'm really impressed with it :) I love cleansing oils because they take makeup off so fast! I'm so interested in trying the Origins Clear Improvement mask as well. x

    1. Same I really like them for my dry skin too x

    2. i'm glad you liked the cleansing oil! i love it! i can't recommend origins products enough, i've recently brought a few other products and they've really impressed me too! x

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