Friday, 8 May 2015

Guest Blogger: Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls || bamblingsofnaffy

Hi everyone! my name is Nafisah Atcha and I blog over at Bamblings of Naffy. I was very grateful to Taylor to ask me to guest post for her this week and I thought I would share you some quick easy out of the door make up tips I have picked up over the couple of years. 

Use your hands 
For an everyday look you can get away with your hands to apply make up such as foundation, cream blushes and highlighter on your lids. It saves so much time as it does not take as long to blend the product in to you skin. You can get a good finish by doing this.

Cream Products are your Best Friend
I have dehydrated skin so it loves a good cream product. Your face just perks up and looks slightly more on the healthy side. If you have not given them a go, this time of year is the best time to have a little play around. They are lightweight on the skin (so does not feel uncomfortable on the skin) and are very long lasting. The Max Factor Miracle Cream Blush is my go  to cream blush. 

Keep it minimal 
If you're in a rush the worse thing you can do is apply a full face of make up. Skip the parts you can away with skipping. This can tend to differ depend on the person but for me on those days I tend to by pass the eye shadow and a bold lip. I cannot leave the house without my eyebrows and mascara so those are must. Everything else tends to depend on the time. 

With those three tips, I find my make up routine a lot easier to handle when I am in a rush from oversleeping, or just being pure lazy. I hope this helped some of you too!



  1. These were very helpful and are some of the things that I actually do in the mornings! Perfect for a lazy girl who'd love an extra few minutes in bed, haha! (:


  2. I have to admit i hate using my hands for any makeup as i don't like the outcome. On days i need to be quick i do just apply the basics x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. Haha! Using the hands is a must! I try that whenever I can.


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