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Hello everyone! I'm Jasmine and the girl behind my beauty blog Jasmine Harding Makeup. I post daily including anything from product reviews, beauty hauls, FOTD's, the best budget picks, luxury buys and many more beauty related posts. I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely Taylor for asking me to do this post, I am honoured to be featured on her blogs seeing as I am a huge fan of her content. So, to kick things off, todays post is all about something I have become completely obsessed with and something many people say either make or break a face, oh yes, it's those little eye brow sisters...

I am a huge believer in taking care in the old brow department and looking after them like they're my babies, strange, I know but having been through the traumatizing stage of having over plucked brows, I want to talk to you about how I look after, tame and define my set of brows including products I recommend and a few top tips. Whether you're someone who embraces the big bushy brows or someone who likes to keep them under controlled and trimmed, all you gals should know whats going on up there and how to look after them so I'm going to tell you my brow secrets and best products. Without further ado, what are we waiting for?!

Most people start the brow journey with a pencil, but I was introduced to the eye brow world with a Brow Kit. If you're after a strong, defined brow then a kit is the product you should be looking for. Most come with a wax to add the definition and really fill in your brows, followed by a lighter powder to set the wax in place. The UK'S best selling brow kit, Benefit Brow Zings (right kit) is a great high end option, as you can see, I have emptied the wax completely out of this one, so it was a well loved product! This was actually my first ever eye brow product and kept them set in place, they did not budge all day, even when I was battling through rain and wind. However, £24.50 is alottaaaaa money so for a much cheaper alternative then Sleek (left kit) offer a perfect dupe and it's more than half the price, bargain or what?

For the most natural looking yet a still well defined and structured brow, eye shadow is your best option. After attending the SpaceNK NARS event in February, I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by international makeup artist Helena Kastensson and for my brows she used the NARS Eye Shadow in Coconut Groove, a dark brown which I loved. They looked groomed, neat, super natural but had a lot of structure and definition. People say to leave this one to the professionals, but with the right colour shadow and brush, this is really easy to do if you're after a natural set of brows. 

Next up is the quickest, easiest and the most simple product to use, the Brow Gel. Coming in clear and coloured forms, I like to call these the 'eye brow mascara'. If you already read my blog then you will know I am totally obsessed with the Eyeko Brow Gel, it has been one of my most used products ever brought and made it's way into many posts, however... since purchasing the NARS Brow Gel, my good friend Eyeko has been pushed to the back of the draw. If you've been blessed with the perfect brow and you don't need to fill any gaps in then just to keep each hair locked in place, go grab a brow gel. 

For big bushy brows, you need a brow pencil and you need one in the right shade. I've been there before, having the wrong colour pencil, too dark or an orange under tone and it's not a good look girls, you gotta get it right! For a budget pencil, Rimmel do a good one which I used to use, but a more recent drugstore addition is my Soap and Glory Brow Archery which comes with a handy spoole on the end to straighten the hairs. These are great cheap pencils, but they really don't have the pay off my top high end pencils do, in terms of both shade match and the pencil formula. I've been using a Dior pencil for a while, but it is a tad too dark for me, so I strayed away from it, but it is an amazing pencil (just don't get the wrong colour like I did). The Kevin Aucoin Brow Definer is the best of all the above... A soft wax pencil, not too hard or dark nor too orange or red, it is the perfect pencil all wrapped up into a twist up style pen.

So now you've heard me talking about all the different ways to fill in your brows, it's time for the most important step before that, grooming. Grooming is essential, whether you pluck, wax or get them threaded, to get the perfect shape you will have to attack them with something. Beauty sadly comes with pain sometimes, but the pay off is worth it. Here is my guide to flawless eye brows...

Get a good set of tweezers... To really get those hairs out and to only get the hairs you want, you're going to need a good pair of tools. For me, tweezers are the best way to groom my eye brows, you can control how many hairs you want to take off and if you don't get too carried away then the chances are you wont end up with overly plucked eye brows. Models Own and Tweezerman are both my favourites. 

Knowing where to pluck... You should never pluck the top of your eye brow, that is your natural shape and a guid line on where to fill them in, leave it in place. The place to attack is underneath. With your finger feel for your brow bone and any hairs below that can be plucked away. Now none of us want a monobrow, so by all means, get rid of those pesky hairs in the middle but don't get ahead of yourself and end up plucking too far in, the results? Very short eye brows and we want to avoid that over plucked look. 

Start at the arch... When the time comes to fill in your brows, start at the arch and work from there. I also like to draw a faint line underneath to shape them and then I simply brush upwards to fill in the gaps. Working in upwards motions will keep them looking as natural as possible. 

Highlight Highlight Highlight...  To make your brows subtly stand out, apply a highlighter on the brow bone and on top of your brow. This will enhance the shape and finish off the look beautifully. 

So that is about all from me, thank you so much again to Taylor for having me on her blog, I have really enjoyed writing this post! If you are interested in reading more eye brow posts and all things beauty related then stop off at my blog jasminehardingmakeup

What eye brow products do you use to tame and groom those brows?



  1. This was a very helpful post, I'm always looking for new brow products x


  2. Love benefit brow zings! I'm recently using the urban decay brow box and i live by it, thanks for the post :)

    Jennifer's Journal x

    1. No problem, really happy she did this guest post for me :)

  3. This is such a great guest post! So extensive and some of these products look great!


    1. Totally agree, jasmine is the queen of beauty advice I swear! x

    2. Thank you so much girlies! I loved doing this guest post for Taylor- so much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

  4. I use Barry M eyebrow kit and I love it! Best thing I have used by far.

    Meme xx

    New post:
    '10 Things Boy's Just Don't Understand'

    1. Will have to check that, also liking the look of their contour palette at the moment so fingers crossed for 2 for £6 or whatever deal they usually have haha! x


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