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Guest Blogger: Ultimate Pamper Night Essentials || ohzelda


Im Zelda and I ramble on over at Ive been invited by your wonderful Taylor to come on over and invade her blog for a post, so I thought what better way to introduce myself than to have a chit chat about one of my favourite things to indulge in - a Lush pamper evening!

Theres nothing I enjoy more than having myself a right good ol pamper night, particularly when its chilly or after a busy day. Even with spring hot on our heels, the wonderful British weather carries on doing what does best - meaning even the warmest of days dont really feel that warm, and I still end up scraping ice off of my car some mornings! My whole blog pretty much illustrates that when it comes to anything LUSH (bath bombs, skincare, you name it) Im a woman obsessed, so you can expect to see a lot of it during this post! So without further ado, here are my essential steps for a tip top pamper night

A bath is a MUST for me on any pamper evening - although a super long, warm shower can work just as well! The first thing Ill grab is a bath bomb or bubble bar from my literal overflowing bag of Lush stuff. Ive really been loving their Easter range this year, particularly the Fluffy Egg bath bomb which, if youre familiar with Lush, is their Snow Fairy scent IN A GIANT EGG. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. If Im feeling really decadent, Ill chuck in a bath melt too to make sure my skin is super nourished. The Dream Time one is quite literally, an absolute dream to use before bed - so super relaxing.

I like to do half of my skincare before I get in the bath or shower, and half afterwards. After all, the steam from the hot water can never be good on a full face of makeup, right? First of all Ill grab either one of my two favourite cleansers, Dark Angels from yup you guessed it, Lush, or the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish if I want something a bit more gentle. Once my face is squeaky clean, Ill whack on my holy grail Mask of Magnaminty' and then you know, the usual - hop in the bath, maybe light a few candles, stick the shower radio on, have a little sing song, make yourself a bubble beard (yes I still do that dont judge!) and wind down. Theres no telling how long Ill end up in the bath for, but its usually till the water gets cold or I start to shrivel up like a prune!

The final thing I love to use on a pamper evening before I get out of the bath is my King of Skin moisturising/conditioning/bar/melty thing - the proper name escapes me but this thing is a creation of the moisturising gods, I swear! You rub the bar all over your body while your skin is still wet, take one final dip to rinse, pat your skin dry and voila! Your skin feels beautifully moisturised without even having to get out of the bath. Winner.

Because I have super long hair (and I do things in a really unconventional order), I tend to wash it over the edge of the bath once Ive gotten out because its just easier that way - long hair sisters, Im sure youll understand! Im obsessed with using the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner at the moment, and there are so many reasons why. First and foremost, it smells DIVINE. If any of you remember the Professor Burps Bubbleworks ride at Chessington from a good 11/12 years ago, before they rebranded it with a million rubber ducks youll know it used to have the sweetest smell inside, kind of like strawberry bonbons. Thats exactly what this smells of! Reminiscing that definitely makes me feel old haha. Its also incredible at detangling, which is a literal lifesaver for long hair like mine! Ill usually spray it onto my wet hair (you can do this on dry hair too), leave it to work its magic wrapped in a towel whilst I sort out the rest of my skincare, then give it a little brush through.

Of course, no pamper evening is complete without a little manicure, right? If Ive got the time and the patience, Ill usually stick some falsies on as my real nails are 9 times out of 10 in atrocious condition! The Elegant Touch stick on nails are my favourite at the moment, they do a matte grey style which I definitely need to invest in - every time I see them Im in love! Or, if I really just cant be bothered with the constant struggles of one woman nail glue antics, Ill whack on a coat of my favourite nail polish (which at the moment is this light taupey/heathery Nails Inc. one that my mum gave me called Sao Paulo Streets), add a shiny gel top coat, sit extremely still for as long as I can, try not to inadvertently smudge them and hope for the best!

And voila, there you have it - a pamper night to challenge all pamper nights! If youve made it this far, thank you! I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my pamper night obsession - go on, start that bath arunning and treat yourself!
Once again a massive thank you to Taylor for letting me come and say hello, Im sending internet hugs your way!

Big love, 




  1. Lovely post Zelda, I am a huge Lush addict too! I've just started following your blog, I love your writing style :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

    1. Yay, Lush friends haha! Ah thank you so much :) xxx

    2. I love her writing style too! Wish I could talk about products so well yet show my personality still, its a real skill :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh 100%! It's not a pamper night without it hehe xxx

    2. Such good recommendations right? :)x


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