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August Favourites 2014

Bit late with the favourites as usual but better to have some then none at all! I thought I would try doing both beauty and non beauty picks as well as mention a few blogs/youtube channels I have been loving so let's get started!

Firstly its this e.l.f eyeshadow mini palette in Golden Goddess which was a bargain £2.50! It reminds me of the Wet N Wild palettes so much and as I couldn't get them I ordered this instead and I do not regret it at all (otherwise it wouldn't be in my favourites obviously!) I love the embossed writing so so much which gives you directions on how to apply it and create an amazing smoky eye. The shadows themselves are very pigmented and super smooth. 

Next its this Jo&Jo fan brush which I just adore using for my bronzer, it is perfecting for applying bronzer with the 3 rule which I mentioned in my last post. It even distributes the bronzer and is perfect for contouring as the line can be so defined.

Next is a book which is super random which I found in the charity shop I volunteer in, I've decided that once a month I am going to randomly pick a book from the shop and read it. I love the books in the charity shop I volunteer in as they are all really unknown and vintage looking. This book is called Beachcomber and its a romance which I was so happy to read! There is no blurb either which is super annoying for me as I really can't word what happens well but I promise it is really good!

The first time I ever got this mask was from Ellie (makeupandotherjunk) in the beauty box swap and ever since I have become obsessed with it! I just love it so so much. It smells amazing! As soon as you apply it on your face it gives this lovely chilling feeling which is so refreshing. It leaves my face feeling so smooth and soft. Perfect for a pamper night or a pick me up as its something like 90p or something.

How pretty is this mirror?! I got this as a present from my sister. This year I decided not to go Valencia this year with the exchange students as honestly I couldn't be bothered! (Lazy so and so!) She got me this mirror from her trip there and I love it. A compact mirror is always something you need in your bag just to check your makeup or to see if anything is on your face etc.

Highlighting my face has become an essential in my foundation routine now and this Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat has saved my life so much. It has stopped me looking like zombie so much which both me and the people at school need to thank it for. (I truly do look scary without it) I love how it's like a cute pen which you can click and literally paint on haha! It contains micro shimmer particles that reflect light waking you up immediately. The texture is so light and easy to blend as well as not creasing at all under the eye. 

Now this is a ring from my nan and is so so cute! I have always loved the idea of being given something that's been passed down. It's so pretty and I literally wear it as much as I can. It's sliver and gold so its perfect! I just love my nan so much.

Next up is this Bourjois Highlight and Bronzer (I've been all about this recently!) which is so convenient for travelling and in your bag as its a two in one product. I love using this product for a natural look so I look naturally tanned and highlighted not like a disco ball! It's perfect for pale people as its not too orange and is also matte. You do have to swirl your brush into the product a lot to get an obvious/bold effect but other than that I have no complaints! Oh and I forgot to say that it smells AMAZING!

I got this as a magazine sample and as I have become such a lip crayon fanatic recently so this was fate! Its a Cid Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint (I have never tried it as a blusher) but I just love the look it gives on your lips. The colour is stunning its like a deep pink coral with a slight shimmer to it. Its not too pigmented which surprisingly I actually like as it would look weird if it was opaque and glittery.

I never thought I would like cream eyeshadows unlike I was given this palette but my auntie. But firstly may I just say how cute the packaging is!! Awww!! Anyway! My favourite colours are Crumpet, Devonshire and Oolong which are perfect for creating a brown smoky eye which lasts all day long! They can crease sometimes but not at all times though which is bizzare as I can't figure out what it is but most of the time it doesn't. The texture of them are so soft and lightweight applying so smoothly onto your eyes.

Now to Youtubers and Bloggers I have been loving! 

ViviannaDoesMakeup has forever been my favourite vlogger forever and always. She is like the person I want to be when I'm older (weird I know) She is so funny and sweet, I honestly will buy anthing she recomends because her reviews are so honest and accurate. Her weekly vlogs are great to watch and I love her odd baking video too! I made a lemon dizzle cake with her recipe and oh my word it was so so nice! Here are some of my favourite videos from her: 

EssieButtonVlogs are my favourite as I just love her and Aslan as a couple there are super cute and so great to watch! Here are some of her vlogs:

Top 3 blogs I have loved this month are:

Go check them all out, they write such amazing posts which brilliant content and beautiful pictures. I aspire to all of them with my blogging especially with how constient they are and organised, I need to get into a routine!!

I hope you enjoyed this favourites, it was nice to speak about some other bits and bobs too! Comment below what you have been loving!!

Taylor x


  1. I like the ELF eyeshadow kit where it guides you on where to apply it - super helpful!
    Nice post :)

  2. I've been dying to try out this Bourjois duo! It looks so stunning :) and same for this Elf palette! Great post, lovely blog x

    1. It is so so pretty and the packaging is to die for! x

  3. Aww the ring is sooo cute!! I also love the ELF eyeshadow palette

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  4. I love that face mask, it's my favourite one on the high street and it's so affordable! I also love Anna and Estee, their videos are always so interesting :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  5. Thanks for the comment!

    I followed ya on GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter and it's ur turn

  6. Absolutely love this post! Your writing is so fun :)
    I think that the book idea is great, I love vintage books :D

    Alice x

    1. Aw thank you! I love anything vintage really x


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