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My Top Makeup Picks For The Summer

Hello guys! Thought I'd do quite a fun post today showing you all my top makeup products that I love for the summer. In the summer I prefer having healthy and bronzed dewy skin, bright eyeshadow, simple eyebrows and bold lips. In the winter I always go for nudes and subtle browns so I am so happy to be coming out of my comfort zone and trying some new bits and bobs.

So on my week holiday with my mum and nan to Great Yarmouth I cheekily popped down to the beach early morning. I got some really weird looks given to me and people pointing which I completely understand, it did look super weird me taking pictures of makeup on the sand but I hope other bloggers feel the pain too! Oh the things you do for a great picture aye? It was also super windy too so I am sorry if any of the pictures are out of focus and for the fact that there is sand all over every single product, so gross!

My number 1 top pick has got to be the Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter. It is so so cheap and gives such an amazing glow and dewy look. It can do three things; a primer, mixed with foundation and used as a highlighter. I use it for a primer and highlighter. It makes your face look so shimmery and luminous its fab. 

For foundation I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (although I do love the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation)  It is described to give an anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow which is perfect because I want that instant flawless look with a natural airbrush finish. The coverage is amazing (not heavy at all) and it really brightens your face and conceals any tiredness.

This has been a new discovery of mine as I wanted a good dupe for the Urban Decay setting spray and many people had suggested this. I love this as it does actually make my makeup last longer which is great for when you're running around and have plans in the summer (as well as being a sweaty betty!) I used to use hairspray so I am happy that I have found something as I'm sure that it was not good for my skin at all. Its super easy to use, I would recommend using before mascara as your mascara can run a little.

For that perfect and natural bronzed look you obviously want to go with a bronzer that has no orange undertones so the Hoola Bronzer is perfect. It is also very matte which is fabulous for a natural look but can be super buildable too for when you want to look very tanned and sun kissed.

This has got to be my all time favourite blush ever as its a combination of both highlighter and blush. This is the Beauty UK Baked Blush in Halo which is amazing value for money. It gives such a cute shimmer to the face as well as providing a sweet pale pink colour. 

Another go to product is the Lord & Berry Luminizer Stick in Moon. It's a creamy highlight which really brightens your face and I love to use for my cheekbones and brow bone. 

For the summer I opted for bright colours (as I mentioned at the beginning) so this Sleek palette is perfect. I love doing a blue to purple transition look and also a pink smokey eye (which I have to do carefully otherwise I look very ill haha!) It's a great alternative for the Urban Decay Electric Palette, as I have said before, which is a lot more calm and not too over the top. They are really easy to work with as they have a workable texture and they are really pigmented so there is no need to keep re-apply for an opaque look.

Kiko as a brand has become an obsession and more people need to shop there! I love the products (of course) but I love the atmosphere too, the people who work in there remind me of the people in Lush, the people who work there are really helpful and so lovely. Anyway! I love this Eyeshadow Duo Stick as the colours are bright but they are colours that you can match well with your eyeshadows and don't look too bizarre. Their lasting power is impressive and they remain super pigmented throughout the whole day. 10/10 for me.

This mascara is perfect for creating a dramatic and full of volume look extremely quickly. The brush is designed to ensure that you get the same amount of product applied on each lash to prevent clumping. For the summer, I love having those 'spider' lashes as they are called!

I don't want to have too bold eyebrows as I have such a dramatic eyeshadow looks I like them to look simple. This MAC brow liner is perfect for this as it has a pencil and a spoolie! Love a spoolie! The spoolie is great for making sure the eyebrows are even.

I have spoken about this concealer way too much and I know its boring you all but I just love it so much. This is the perfect concealer for the summer as it conceals all blemishes, brightens under your eyes and is so lightweight therefore it doesn't feel heavy at all.

Now with lipsticks I like to switch it up every so often. Bye nudes, reds and vampy purples and hello pinks and orange! I have lots of lipsticks that I choose from but these are my top three at the moment. I forgot to take a picture of the MUA lip lacquer so I will talk about it now.

The MUA lip lacquer is great as its super pigmented and long lasting which means I can go around all day without re-applying and it will still look as flawless as in the morning. It's really cheap too so I am overall very impressed.

Ewwwww look at the sand!! It got on my lipstick, how gross! This is the Topshop lipstick in Charmed. It's a super cute coral orange colour that looks amazing with a tan. It's very matte but feels so soft on the lips, not heavy at all. 

Another Topshop lipstick I love is this one in Tease and as I've said in previous posts I feel like Barbie wearing it! I just adore the colour, its a cool toned pink/lilac that just feels so smooth when applied. It's so pigmented and gives a lovely matte finish. 

I couldn't resist putting this picture of my dog Tilly on here! How cute is she?! Awwwwwww!

So that's the end of the post, I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below your top beauty products, would love to know what you have all been choosing!

Taylor x


  1. That blush looks stunning with the marble effect. I just ordered the hooks bronzer and I can't wait to try it out.


  2. I'm really desperate to try the Seventeen highlighter thing! I've heard its amazing!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. That topshop lipstick in 'tease' is gorgeous! x

    Lizzie's Corner

    1. I know, I feel super girly wearing it x

  4. Really want to try out that volume million lashes mascara! :)
    xxx Nausikaä

    1. It has been my go to mascara, its so bad as I haven't been using any of my others! xx

  5. I love that you took it all to the beach for photos! So cute. My 2 favourite brands this summer are Sleek and Kiko, but I'm obsessed with that MUA Lip Lacquer it literally stays all day, and the best value!!
    Dani | fabulouslyindulgent.com

    1. It was the most stressful thing ever! Kiko is my go to shop now for beauty products. And I agree MUA products are amazing for their value x

  6. I like the blush and luminizer stick. These product sound great.


  7. I want the seventeen highlighter, it intrigues me that you can use it in all three ways! Will be picking it up next time I'm in boots!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. I really want to start getting into highlighting, I love the look of your highlighting stick :) Also I love your Topshop lipstick Charmed, I have a similar colour to that and I wear it all the time, it goes with so many things and is so pretty, I love how much lipstick can change an outfit :), well not change but if you're wearing something boring, you put on lipstick and its just like BAM check out my popping outfit :)x

    1. It is amazing! And exactly, they are the sort of lipsticks I always go for x

  9. Beautiful product picks- and you've photographed them so nicely! I've been dying to try Topshop lipsticks and that Sleek palette looks amazing! xo




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