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Haul: e.l.f Makeup Products and First Impressions

So some of you might not know but for a while I was on a spending ban, because of this I kept going on websites 24/7 looking at their deals and new arrivals. On e.l.f I realised there was an August discount code where you could get 50% discount off every single product which I think is amazing! A delivery which cost £40.95 became £20.47 with free delivery! I am pretty impressed with myself. I got 12 products also so I am very pleased with how well I spent my money. I better start showing you all the products I got and my first impressions then!

(Just a quick note) I was really pleased with the delivery also, it came within 3 days as it was working days or something and I got the delivery free so that's good.

The first things I picked up purely because I was so intrigued are these Essentials Shine Erasers which are small sheets that are supposed to absorb oil, minimize pores and make your skin look matte. For £1.95 you receive 50 sheets which is impressive. I blot my T-Zone and around my nose when using these. I was really worried that they would take off my makeup when I used them but luckily they didn't and they did make my face look matte. The only thing I disagree with is minimising pores as I couldn't really see the difference but for me my pores aren't a major issue so I'm not too bothered!

I am such a bronzer gal recently and have been purchasing so many bronzers which is of course why I brought this Studio Bronzer for £3.95! I am super pale so this bronzer is great for me as you have the 4 different colours to create the perfect colour. They are also very matte too which helps to achieve a natural looking tan which elf say is ideal for winter and all year round. It comes with a mirror yay!! I love anything that has a mirror (not in a vain way but I just love it for travellng and school etc) It appiles flawlessly as it has a soft texture and can be so buildable. 10/10!

With the same sort of style to the bronzer, I purchased the Studio Tone Correcting Powder in Warm for £3.95. I have always wanted to try a multi coloured powder before so I was really excited to try this out! They are supposed to create a balanced and radiant complexion that should look very healthy. This definitely helps with redness on my face as I do get quite a lot of it from my spots and blemishes. It also gives my face a matte look too and I reckon you could use it as a setting powder also.

As I was in desperate need of some eye brushes I brought them on e.l.f (stating the obvious there!) Both £1.95, I got the Essentials Eyeshadow Brush and the Essentials Blending Eye Brush. The Eyeshadow Brush has a brush tip which should absorb the perfect amount of eyeshadow and provide long lasting colour with a flawless finish for every application. The Blending Eye Brush states to be able to blend multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines. They both feel super soft but I am not really an eye brush expert but I do think they do the job. (Great review there Taylor, nice one)

I really really wanted their blush in Pink Passion but unfortunately it was out of stock so instead I opted for the colour Twinkle Pink (how cute does it sound!) But I am happy I brought it as it reminds me of a good dupe for NARS Orgasm! It's a super pretty coral colour, however it is realllllly sparkly so for people who like a matte look I wouldn't pick this shade as its sort of like a highlighter too. The blush is very buildable but can also be used to create a natural blendable look. It was £3.95 so I think we have a bargain there!

Next is the Studio Corrective Concealer which I got in Neutralise and Conceal (the darker one) for £3.95. Now I have never really used green concealer before so I was really unsure about whether I would like this product. Now these are so weird to me, it has a waxy consistency that is to thick and sticky so really hard to apply with the brush you're given. The green shade actual does help get rid of redness but I'm not too sure about the other colours. It leaves creases under my eyes which is really annoying as it is so thick and also isn't as pigmented as I thought.

I also got an Essentials Lipstick in Captivating for £1.95. The formula is really moisturising and hydrating which I was so happy about. I adore the colour also, its a pretty orange shade. It stayed on all day when I wore it too and remained opaque!

I have wanted this Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer for ages! I remember when Becca Rose (a YouTuber) used to always rave about it and wear it so ever since I have really wanted it! I opted with the clear one as I didn't want to risk it with the green one although it looked bizarrely cool.. This is the pricier product of elf as its £6.95 but is still a good price compared to other brands. When I first got it out of the packaging I squeezed it onto my hand and rubbed it in and it made my hand so so smooth and soft. On the face it feels the same too but I don't think it makes my makeup more long wearing compared to other primers I've used. I have been preferring more luminous finished primers as well.

The next product I brought is this Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder for £3.95 in Antigua. (It has a mirror!!!) Now this is perfect for travelling and on the go as you have both your bronzer and blush. It blends really well on your face and can be so buildable. It's just annoying that the bronzer is shimmery and has glitter as I prefer having a matte bronze for a more natural look.

Lastly, its the Essentials Flawless Eyeshadow for £2.50 which I got in Golden Goddess. Now this really reminds me of the Wet N Wild palettes you can get but you can't get them in the UK!! How annoying!! I love the embossed writing so so much! It's just so cute! They are very pigmented and apply like a dream, feeling super soft. The lasting power is pretty bad though but that might of been because I didn't use a primer.

So there you go! My haul and first impressions done! What do you all think of elf? Do you have any of their products? If not, what products would you like? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

Taylor x


  1. I really like that color balancing powder. The lengthening mascara by elf is also really good. I am interesting in try out that bronzer now!


    1. Same, its been great for my skin recently! And ooo I will have to check that out :)

  2. You got some great deals! ELF is a pretty good brand. I really want to try that blush!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. You got some lovely products! I really like the look of the Blush and bronzer duo :) x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  4. yeah, their 50% off sales can be pretty tempting! I've been eyeing that cool bronzer foreverrrrr, love to hear more about it ;) Also, great pictures! Really liked the background!


    1. I had to give in this time haha! It looks so cool, love the different colours :) And thank you, its a vintage scarf! x

  5. Ooh, lovely picks! I really need more e.l.f. in my life! xo



  6. Don't worry about the glitters in the bronzer, mine just disappeared after the first layer :) I think I might need to place an order from E.L.F soon, haven't bought anything from them in ages :)


  7. Those oil blotting sheets are my life, haha! I have a blusher/bronzer duo too, and that big mirror is awesome!
    Kelly || Amourtera

  8. I really want to try the blotting sheets!

  9. Ew, I hate that cream corrective concealer palette; it feels so greasy and disgusting on my skin! I much prefer ELF powder products, their creams just do not do it for me I'm afraid! The primer is one of my faves too :) Great haul - such a bargain!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. I am not really a fan of it either! The powder products are great especially the blush xx

  10. I've found ELF to be hit and miss. I have the same brushes you've ordered and really like them too, although I've experienced some shedding.


    1. OMG same! Straight after I published this post, I found brush hairs all on my face!!!

  11. Those eyeshadow brushes are literally the BOMB.COM I've had them for years now and they are still going strong and are actually the brushes I reach for the most, I definitely will be picking up some more back ups and replacements soon because they are starting to get a bit old! Lovely haul though


  12. I just found your blog after you left a comment on my 'Changes' post and I absolutely love your blog! This is such a great haul post and I love the things you bought, I really feel like making an ELF purchase now!


  13. Great post! I feel like making an ELF purchase myself now!


  14. That four piece bronzer looks so good! I just placed an Elf order, wish I would have checked your post before.:/ I love their contour and blush palette in St. Tropez, it's my favorite bronzer, even if it is shimmery. :) I want to buy almost everything from Elf. Great products for affordable prices:)).


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