Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tag: What's Inside My Bag?

I thought I'd do an extremely popular tag today which is.. What's Inside My Bag? A lot of bloggers who I know and follow have done this post before and I thought why not try it myself, I mean snooping in someone else's bag is pretty fun.

So my bag of choice is a Red H&M satchel which I am always using even if it doesn't match my outfit properly I wear it. It was £12.99 and I brought it a year ago so I am not sure if you can buy it now.

My notebook and Pen
I love this notebook so much, I brought it from Paperchase. It is a really cool aztec print notebook which I use to write down any thoughts or ideas for a blog post.

My iPhone 5
How could you possibly not have your phone in your bag?! Mine is always with me, 24/7. It's not even in the picture because it is glued to my hand!

Baby Baby Lips Balm
I can't even begin to explain my love for this lip balm and as you can see from pretty much most of my posts, it is always in my bag.  I use this for when my lips need hydrating or I just need to refresh/brighten my face.

Dry Shampoo
I always carry a mini version of it with me in case of emergencies, I have reviewed it on a post you can check out here!

This is usually in my bag, unless I've gone shopping with my mum because I usually 'forget' to bring my purse. This purse is from NEXT. Obviously I use my purse to carry my money, loyalty cards and my debt card, kinda self explanatory!

Either perfume or a body spray is what I usually carry around as I do get conscious I will break the perfume bottle. My 'go to' perfume will always be the Britney Spears Fantasy which has a cute scent of chocolate and cupcakes with a nice contrast of kiwi too so its a pretty sweet scent. If I carry a body spray it is usually a NEXT one because I love the ones they do. 

Hand cream
I'm not too sure why I carry this around so much, it's a strange habit but I do really enjoy moisturising my hands. I use the La Maison de Senteurs Hand Cream in Lavande Provengale and have no clue where I brought it.. Pretty useful! It has a lavender scent which I love and it isn't too overpowering.

Anti-Bacteria Gel/Hand Sanitiser
This is a MUST for your bag, everyone must carry this with them! Anti-bacteria gel is a lifesaver for when you've had an accident (i.e. A pen has exploded all over your hands) and obviously protects you for catching any colds. You may consider that as a extreme statement but when I was at school, I never realised how many people would just happily touch their face or cough into their hands and then hold the door for someone which you then touch! It's disgusting and it's one of them things we don't really ever notice too much but my mum is a pretty clean freak and it made me realise, I'm not carrying it to be a snob because it's not like I'm saying 'ergh peasants' or whatnot but just these small things can really prevent you from catching that awkward cold/cough you don't want to have. Therefore I always carry one with me!

Tangle Teezer 
This is always in my bag for hair emergencies to sort my hair if its been windy or wet. I'm not the type of girl to get upset when my hair is ruined by the weather but I still need to look decent and not like some crazy cat lady!

Real Technique Powder Brush and Rimmel Bronzing Powder
I always carry this around with me just to brighten my face during the day to stay looking tanned and to ensure that I don't look too shiny from my foundation I have put on. (As I have oily skin)

Max Factor Mascara
I only carry minimal make-up out as I'm not the type to be spending all my time in a bathroom touching up my make-up. I keep this in my bag just to re-do maybe at lunchtime when I just want to feel more 'done up' as they say. This one is called the False Lash Effect.

Chewing Gum
I usually have to keep this to myself and in secret when I am out as I get attacked when these come out and its chewing gum! I just like to carry it around of if I may be feeling hungry or the occasionally if I have eaten something giving me bad breath!

Oyster Card and Holder
I brought this really cool card holder from Paperchase, it has a crinkled stripe kinda pattern on it (what is it called?!) and I diamond printed on it and was £8 I think. I carry this to obviously travel! 

So I hope this was fun for you to read as it was fun for me to write! I love being tagged in these sorts of things so please tag me more! I would love to know what your essentials are for your bag so comment below or do the tag your self and link the post below!



  1. Literally the same! I've been looking for a red satchel, it's a shame it's so cheap but probably not in h&m anymore :-( I love your blog :) xx

    1. I know, there are so popular! Primark is your best bet! And thank you so much! x

  2. Might have to do this post myself! I'm so nosy when it comes to things like this ;)

    Sian Xx |

  3. I love the red satchel omg simple but effective haha!x

  4. I love Baby Lips & Britney Spears perfume is amazing!!

    1. Britney Spears perfume has always been my all time favourite and I've never really changed perfumes ever since I brought the Fantasy one!

  5. I love Baby Lips!! I have the peach shade! Love it!! And love your blog also!!


    Cathy from

    1. Thank you so much! I have all of the baby lips lip balms also!

  6. I always carry a mini dry shampoo around with me too, for emergencies! It's just so good! And the baby lips are lurvly too :))

    Sharlotte xxx

    1. I know, I think especially when I was blonde it was crucial!

  7. Just came across your blog and so happy I did, defo going to follow :)
    would mean a lot if you could check mine out too x

    1. Such a lovely thing to say thank you, and yes of course!

  8. such a lovely post !! this is my favorite kind of post i really enjoyed it :) would you like to follow each other :) xx

  9. hi pretty girl ! thanks for following :) followed you back :) stay i touch my love :) xx

    1. No problem! Thanks for the previous comment, looking forward to seeing what else you post :) x

  10. Love your bag! The red hue is perfect for the holidays!


  11. I also bring dry shampoo with me everywhere! Lovely blog! xx

    1. Always good for an emergency haha! Thank you :) x

  12. I love this red bag and all cosmetics .......


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