Saturday, 9 November 2013

How To: Deep Clean Make-Up Brushes

I never really thought I'd be the type of person to care so much about my beauty/make-up products but when you're paying over 20 pounds just for 4 make-up brushes, you really need to! Because of this, I need to keep them in top condition as I want them to last a long time. I also realised as well that it shouldn't only be for the money I spent but for actually cleaning them. I mean I didn't realise that the bacteria is always going back on my face as I use the same brush time and time again, it might even be why my skin is so bad. Therefore, I thought today I would do a post about deep cleaning your make-up brushes. I'm not saying I'm some sort of beauty expert now, I just thought that I would put it out there since half of us (including me up to now) didn't even realise how important it is.

So most bloggers I know use the MAC Brush Cleanser but I don't want to be spending ridiculous amounts of money, therefore I use baby shampoo. I buy Johnston's Baby Shampoo for £1.10 from Boots which I think its a bargain! Its quick, easy and simple to use if you just following these instructions.

You will need:
  • A sink (hopefully everyone has one!)
  • Gentle clarifying baby shampoo (I recommend Johnston's)
  • A lint free cloth 
  • A piece of kitchen tissue (if you have a make-up stand like mine, then use that)
Firstly you will need to dampen the brush with lukewarm water and put a pea size of the baby shampoo in the palm of your hand like the picture below.

Then taking one brush at a time, gently rub them in the baby shampoo in a swirling motion on the palm of your hand. You may have to occasionally add a little bit of water to lather up the product to ensure the brush to be thoroughly saturated.

Squeeze out the excess product and then dry using your cloth/towel/tissue (I shouldn't use my hands) and leave in your make-up stand or on a piece of kitchen tissue in the sun to dry. One tip would to be while they are damp you can re-shape them into the correct shape for the brush.

And volia you are done, it is so easy to do! I usually do them on a Saturday morning to leave on my window ledge in the sun all day as you can check out them and re-shape them when damp too (on the weekday I am at school) 

I hope this post helped! Hopefully you are going out right now to buy some baby shampoo to clean your brushes as it is something which can be easily neglected but brushes are expensive to take care of them!



  1. I've been looking for a cheap way to deep clean my brushes! Thank you for this post you have saved my brushes ahah! xx

    1. No problem, loved sharing my secret! They leave your brushes in such great condition :) x

  2. looking for a good way to clean them, thx xx

  3. very nice post ! i should try the baby shampoo for deep cleaning the brushes :) and save some money on brush cleanser LOL

  4. I have been searching for a good product to clean my brushes with and didn't even think of this! Thanks!


  5. Thankyou for this, I have been trying to clean my brushes but I've never been fully sure if I was doing it all correctly, you're post has really helped me to develop a technique! x

  6. So do you leave the soap in after you squeeze the excess stuff out? Or do you rinse them afterwards?

    1. You need to ensure that all the soap is out so yes rinse them, sorry if I was vague!

  7. This is sooooo helpful, thanks :)

  8. it makes your make up brushes smell so good doesn't it :) xxx


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