Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shopping Haul: Summer Holiday Essentials

Happy Sunday everyone! Just thought I would share some pictures of the stuff I brought today. So obviously I went shopping today. I went with my two friends Joanna and Bethan, it was a good day and we pigged out at Frankie & Bennys! I am going to Barcelona with my sister and my dad next Friday which I am so so so excited for! We 99.9% of the time go to a Spanish speaking country on holiday because we all just love the culture of spanish stuff, the history, the art and the football haha! That is the reason why I went shopping since I hope to do an OOTD everyday while I am out there (and yes we have made sure our hotel has wifi, judge us!) I love summer purely because of the clothes, most of the clothes are bright and bold with prints which I love so much.  I brought quite a bit to be honest, I am usually more reserved in what I buy, especially when I go out with friends since I have a very different fashion sense, but because I have saved money from my birthday, (which I knew I forgot to blog about sorry!!) I ended up just going over the top and spending it all so I am basically now poor.
Back to business! Check out what I brought, and please comment if you liked them or didn't (hopefully not) or want to know prices etc! I would happily reply.

Doesn't really show it here but it is a cute coral colour, matching perfectly with my flower headband.

 Yes MAC can be considered very expensive but it is worth it, my eyebrows have been looking great!

I am obsessed with rings, I am a ring fanatic!

Adorable aztec skirt which I thought would fit in perfectly with the culture of Spain  can also be both formal and casual.

Amazing evening dress for going out for drinks and a meal. I would most probably pair this with simple heels and a statement earrings.

I was so unsure about this dress but I concluded that it would be perfect for any occasion as it can have simple changes such as a leather jacket, heels or a cardigan.

A very cute skirt which can go with everything, making your outfit more vibrant.

I love the Rolling Stones so how could I resist?! I might even wear it as a dress...

Thought this was a cool American style shirt which would be great with a skater skirt or Levi jeans but definitely a gold chain necklace.

A natural and fresh way of cleaning your face, doesn't even hurt!

Would be great with a plain dress and simple heels.

Taylor x


  1. Everything you bought is so lovely! Especially the aztec skirt, have a fab holiday x

    1. Thank you and yes it is lovely, it was a size too small but I couldn't resist! x

  2. Love the prints on your dresses and t-shirt. Have an amazing time in Barcelona!

    By the way I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award <3

    *steph x

    1. Thank you, I always love wearing bright/bold outfits!

      Oooo I will have to check that out, I am so behind with these nomination things I am so so sorry haha :)

  3. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

    1. Hello and thank you! Yes of course I would like to follow you, I love your shorts in your most recent post. X


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