Monday, 24 December 2012

Baking: Christmas Cupcakes


I am unbelievably excited, I love Christmas so much and the fact that i'm getting an iPhone 5 is making the day 100x better! I spend my Christmas and Boxing Day with my family, I love my family so much and we do a little annual Christmas show that we've done since we were like two years old which is so cute. My auntie cooks the dinner and then me and my mum are in charge of deserts. Usually we just buy the deserts because we are lazy but I now take Food Technology so I've loved cooking recently and thought 'why not make some over the top Christmas cupcakes?'
So here are all the pictures of how it went!
(All pictures taken by me)

I think we all know which ones worked and which ones didn't but I had a great time making them so please don't be too harsh! I hope you all have a great Christmas and Boxing Day, and maybe even next year you could make some cakes like mine?

Taylor x
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