Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thoughts on: Charity Shops

As you can see from my last post, I mentioned how I brought a top and a brooch from a charity shop. Most people would be disgusted and find it weird if you brought something from a charity shop but I thought I'd write a post about why we should buy from charity shops and how it's not weird or 'embarrassing'

Some people seem to think that when you buy a piece of clothing from a charity shop it is horrible and disgusting and that someone has properly died in what you're buying. I have to admit I thought that, but the majority of clothes sold there aren't and I'm sure that if they did most charity shops would not be selling clothes and wouldn't be in business. The clothes are usually 'last seasons fashion' or clothes that don't fit them any more.

Also, if you're into the old fashion or 'vintage' clothing then this is the best place to shop. Most clothes sold there are like woolly jumpers, collared shirts and chiffon pleated skirts. And buying at charity shops is so cheap and saves so much of your own money for something that you would order online or shop somewhere else for double the price.

I'd like to bring up the fact that everyone that works in charity shops are volunteers. The people that work there work because they are dedicated to the charity and want to make a difference. The volunteers don't get paid and use their own time to sell clothes and other stuff for charity because they want to.

And for the obvious reason, its for charity! As their stock is donated and they have low rental because it is a charity shop most of the money goes to charity and donating to charity makes a massive differences to the individual charities for the future.

I'm sorry for writing this longish essay that no one will read but I felt like no one cares about these shops any more and being in one today made me realise why we still need them.

Please comment about what you think of charity shops and how people perceive them. 

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  1. I've pretty much changed all of my friends perceptions about charity shops. I have shopped in them for as long as I remember and frigging love them, my closest friends are always astonished at what I manage to find..and for how cheap! You just have to have an eye for it, and a good rummage! I think they are brilliant, and slowly more and more people are realising so. Especially with the current economical situation, people want to save £££. Great post! :) Sam xx

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I agree with you so so much :) x

  2. totally agree. i love a good old charity shop!!! xx


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