Monday, 16 January 2012

SOTD: New Dr. Martens

Hello again, so a few weeks ago I went to Covent Garden with my dad to go shopping for some Dr Martens. I wasn't sure on what type or colour Dr Martens I wanted to buy so I had a little look around. All of the Dr Martens are rather expensive so I wanted a pair that were unique and worth my money but would also match with my clothes. So I brought these little beauts! Many of my friends don't like them but for some strange reason I seem to love them lots.

These are Dr Martens 1460 Boot Emerald that cost £80.00:

Taylor x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shopping Haul: Recent Tops I Have Brought

Hello followers/readers/whoever! Welcome to my official first blog post (with the exception of my introduction post which you can read here!) Yes, this is completely random but I was in the mood to show you some of my recent tops I have brought and where I have got them from.


Let me introduce myself...

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Taylor, I am thirteen years old and from Essex. As you can tell this is my first post and I have no idea what to write or say. The reason why I have started blogging is because I have a real love and passion for beauty and fashion. I love going shopping, trying new products, styling my friends, drawing fashion illustrations (terrible ones!) and I also love the idea of finding friends on here who share the same interests and the wide opportunities blogging can give to you. I mean I'm pretty sure most of us have seen how amazing bloggers such as Zoella have done due to the blogging world and I really do hope it will help me too!

I wish to pursue a career in fashion which will either be fashion journalism or becoming a stylist and hopefully you all can help make that happen.
I really do hope you like and enjoy reading my blog, I will be so thankful if one person even reads this... I just want my opinions to make a difference somehow! Gosh, I am getting too cringey and deep.. Enough of that, let's start posting! I will upload a haul kind of post tonight showing you all my new tops I have brought recently, please read and comment! 

Eeeeeeek, I am so so excited!

Taylor x

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