Monday, 24 December 2012

Baking: Christmas Cupcakes


I am unbelievably excited, I love Christmas so much and the fact that i'm getting an iPhone 5 is making the day 100x better! I spend my Christmas and Boxing Day with my family, I love my family so much and we do a little annual Christmas show that we've done since we were like two years old which is so cute. My auntie cooks the dinner and then me and my mum are in charge of deserts. Usually we just buy the deserts because we are lazy but I now take Food Technology so I've loved cooking recently and thought 'why not make some over the top Christmas cupcakes?'
So here are all the pictures of how it went!
(All pictures taken by me)

I think we all know which ones worked and which ones didn't but I had a great time making them so please don't be too harsh! I hope you all have a great Christmas and Boxing Day, and maybe even next year you could make some cakes like mine?

Taylor x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

How To: Paint Dripping Paint Nails

I'd like to apologies for not blogging for ages, I don't really have an excuse.. I've just been really lazy! Anyway, a few weeks ago me and my mum decided to have one of them cute 'mother and daughter, girly night' things and we did our hair, makeup, watched films etc. We also painted our nails to look like paint dripping nails (I have no idea what the actual name of it is but oh well!) and I thought oooo why don't I blog about this haha!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to: Halloween Skeleton Make-up (kinda)

 I am extremely excited for Halloween, I love having an actual reason for dressing up weirdly and I love sweets. It is the perfect night for me. I've been deciding what to dress up as this year and I saw loads of cute skeleton dresses and thought that would look quite cool. I then started to look at YouTube videos of skeleton make-up tutorials and found this:

It was the most easy and simple tutorial I had found and it looked good at the end so I attempted to copy it. Here is mine in a cute black and white collage:


Saturday, 1 September 2012

HOTD: My Pink And Lilac Dip Dye

Yes like everybody else in the world I dip dyed my hair in the summer! I always dye my hair pink and lilac in the holidays and I thought I'd try something different this time. It isn't extrememly life changing but I thought it looked cute. 
I used Crazy Colour hair dye with also a hint of conditioner. I found out from one of them question beauty sites that conditioner tones down the colour and also makes it more likely to actually come out before I go back to school.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Shopping Haul: Clothes, Jewellery And Nail Varnish

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum. The weather was horrible, it rained and I was freezing. This for me was a good thing because the shops weren't as busy and I didn't have to queue for so long! The other good thing was that there was many sales and I had a lot of vouchers for shops so it was quite a cheap shopping trip. 
What do you think of my clothes and jewellery I've brought?


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thoughts on: Charity Shops

As you can see from my last post, I mentioned how I brought a top and a brooch from a charity shop. Most people would be disgusted and find it weird if you brought something from a charity shop but I thought I'd write a post about why we should buy from charity shops and how it's not weird or 'embarrassing'

Some people seem to think that when you buy a piece of clothing from a charity shop it is horrible and disgusting and that someone has properly died in what you're buying. I have to admit I thought that, but the majority of clothes sold there aren't and I'm sure that if they did most charity shops would not be selling clothes and wouldn't be in business. The clothes are usually 'last seasons fashion' or clothes that don't fit them any more.

Also, if you're into the old fashion or 'vintage' clothing then this is the best place to shop. Most clothes sold there are like woolly jumpers, collared shirts and chiffon pleated skirts. And buying at charity shops is so cheap and saves so much of your own money for something that you would order online or shop somewhere else for double the price.

I'd like to bring up the fact that everyone that works in charity shops are volunteers. The people that work there work because they are dedicated to the charity and want to make a difference. The volunteers don't get paid and use their own time to sell clothes and other stuff for charity because they want to.

And for the obvious reason, its for charity! As their stock is donated and they have low rental because it is a charity shop most of the money goes to charity and donating to charity makes a massive differences to the individual charities for the future.

I'm sorry for writing this longish essay that no one will read but I felt like no one cares about these shops any more and being in one today made me realise why we still need them.

Please comment about what you think of charity shops and how people perceive them. 

Taylor x


Thursday, 16 February 2012

How To: Use A Flower Headband To Create A Pretty Jumper

So I've dyed my hair pink, I was bored and why not?! This is not a tutorial but I thought I'd show you my jumper that I customised and I'm proud of!
I started off with a jumper and a hair band and literally sewed them together!


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Product Review: Nail Rock

Recently I have been seeing people with this nail wraps on their nails instead of nail varnish so I'd thought I'd try it out and its also pretty easy to do.
Firstly you stick a wrap onto your nail (from your cuticle) and then press the wrap down onto your nail so it stays there.
Afterwards, you need to use the nail file provided to then remove excess wrap that is not on your nail by literally filing it off. 
(Pictures are taken by me)


Monday, 16 January 2012

SOTD: New Dr. Martens

Hello again, so a few weeks ago I went to Covent Garden with my dad to go shopping for some Dr Martens. I wasn't sure on what type or colour Dr Martens I wanted to buy so I had a little look around. All of the Dr Martens are rather expensive so I wanted a pair that were unique and worth my money but would also match with my clothes. So I brought these little beauts! Many of my friends don't like them but for some strange reason I seem to love them lots.

These are Dr Martens 1460 Boot Emerald that cost £80.00:

Taylor x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shopping Haul: Recent Tops I Have Brought

Hello followers/readers/whoever! Welcome to my official first blog post (with the exception of my introduction post which you can read here!) Yes, this is completely random but I was in the mood to show you some of my recent tops I have brought and where I have got them from.


Let me introduce myself...

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Taylor, I am thirteen years old and from Essex. As you can tell this is my first post and I have no idea what to write or say. The reason why I have started blogging is because I have a real love and passion for beauty and fashion. I love going shopping, trying new products, styling my friends, drawing fashion illustrations (terrible ones!) and I also love the idea of finding friends on here who share the same interests and the wide opportunities blogging can give to you. I mean I'm pretty sure most of us have seen how amazing bloggers such as Zoella have done due to the blogging world and I really do hope it will help me too!

I wish to pursue a career in fashion which will either be fashion journalism or becoming a stylist and hopefully you all can help make that happen.
I really do hope you like and enjoy reading my blog, I will be so thankful if one person even reads this... I just want my opinions to make a difference somehow! Gosh, I am getting too cringey and deep.. Enough of that, let's start posting! I will upload a haul kind of post tonight showing you all my new tops I have brought recently, please read and comment! 

Eeeeeeek, I am so so excited!

Taylor x

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